Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why, oh why?

I am in the mood on this overly hot summer day for potato salad. I hate it admit it but by now I am sure that most of my friends and family know I can not make potato salad. My husband even use to cringe when I would try to make it, or even say I was going to make it. Yep, I have tried every way possible.

I remember watching my mom and aunts make it...dice, chop, plop, shake, squeeze and stir lightly. Yum! Even watched my sister in law make it when she came last December. No measuring, just yum.

Well I boiled some potatoes tonight, Petty's meat market is closed and that is where I buy my potato salad. (that is soooooo hard to admit) so I thought lets give it another try. I called my cooking guru Leisa and was reminded by Dan that she can not make potato salad either. What is with that? So I think my potato salad will get put on hold again and become fried potatoes in the morning.

I really want to make my own so bad. The fresh potato salad that I buy is so expensive I really can not justify getting very often. What will I do?

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Leisa said...

I'm telling you, good cooks can not make potato salad, it just doesn't happen. Give up your dream and buy it!