Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cast a Pretty Stone

In the recent months and weeks I have had a new interest in crocheting river stones.  It has become a small obsession with me.  Then a few weeks ago after a long discouraging post on Facebook singling out a group of people, my thoughts of these stones turned to the bible text John 8:7.  I started to send them out to friends who have been having a hard time or heard a sermon in church they felt was directed at them.  I can not believe how some people can stand behind their bibles and throw stones.  It is clear, love your neighbor, do not judge live like Jesus.  No hate, no finger pointing just love and compassion bringing people close to Christ.  I usually do not post about my faith or spirituality in general.  I feel it is personal and private but through these stones I have found a need to remind people they are loved unconditionally.  I hope to only cast pretty stones.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Pink Toy

The toy says it is indestructible.... we will see.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, here go hell come!

Yes, I have issues and buying chairs is one of them.  I spotted this pair today at the Salvation Army and could not leave them there regardless of the discussion that will happen tonight when Mr. Hygiene gets home.  it will start out "Jill Ann" and then go into something about how we do not have the room and what two chairs  I need to get rid of if I am keeping them..... Oh, Here go, Hell come!

I love them just the way they are but they have a little bit of a granny powder smell to them.  if I can not get the smell out I am going to repaint and reupolster them and see how they come out.  I am thinking bright bright bright with modern floral fabric for Paige.  I am thinking Black with the fabric below.