Saturday, March 28, 2009


Friday was the annual Lake Brantley Crew Golf Tournament and Mr. Hygiene asked me to come out and snap a few photos of the day. I bet he is thinking "I told her to take photos for the club not for her blog."

Only an hour into his game and you can see all the stress melt away. I will put it in print... Mr. Hygiene you need to golf more! Love to see that smile...

Look at the grass fly, nice action shot for Mr. Hygiene. I wonder if he likes golf because it is such a clean well groomed sport?

Okay aren't they cute. Get them on the golf greens and they are 12 again. Men, get them together no matter what their age and they become boys again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

He's Back

This little guy was chased up a tree a few months ago by Pearl and now he is back. Stacy noticed him as he was going to let Pearl out for the night and we all had to take a look.

I went back into the house to change the lens on my camera and I heard Paige say "Did mom get a photo of him..." that made me laugh, she knows me so well.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

It is that time of the year again, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is here. I love it so much. This year I was smart enough to go on Friday in the early afternoon instead of the weekend. It get so crowded that it becomes arduous, and I wanted to really enjoy it and take my time. (Look no strollers or people walking tiny dogs)

I did make a bee line over to see John Herbon. Last year I remember watching a lady pick up a vase l wanted, I hoped she would put it down but she did not and she went home with my vase so this year I skipped my coffee and went right over to booth 99. What I love the most about his pottery is the green he uses, well and the detail and that it does not look like "Art School" pottery. I inquired about the color this year and it is called cobalt green. Of course it is. It is hard to see the blue in the photos but the glaze has an undertone of the most wonderful blue and I don't like blue so that says a lot.

Two of my other favorites were missing this year, Larry Stepheson a painter, and a photographer who's name escapes me at the moment..... I wish they would come back. I also wish they would get rid of the photoshop photography, good grief, enough already and also while I am critiquing them how about getting rid of the photographers who frame their vacation photos and call it art, as well as all the mask photos from Venice and the same photos that everyone takes when they go to Paris. Please! Snapshots are not art! Oh and the painted bags & purses. Not Art People!

They block off Park ave. so the restaurants get to expand their outdoor seating. Wish Heidi was not afraid to fly we could have made a day of it with lunch and people watching..... It is a great place to people watch, a really great place.

Heidi this photo is for you. The hat guy was there and the hats were even more fabulous than the past years!

I will take photos in the next few days and show you my new vase and pitcher. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do they know?

I went to a plant sale today, it was a little like a farmers market except for plants, trees and flowers. I was in heaven. I found a rosemary topiary that made me so happy. I have been without one since we moved from Nebraska and just love them in the house. I saw a mango tree that I thought about but was not sure if I really needed one. Then I asked if anyone had maiden hair ferns and I was directed to the "Fern Lady" I was just a twitter, I love ferns even if I can not seem to keep them alive very long... I bought several, yes several and then a begonia as well, I have such a week spot for begonias and so does the Fern Lady. I got a lovely Nautilus variety, I have been calling them snail begonias but was corrected today... Then on the way back to the car I also picked up the mango tree. I talked to the "Mango Man" and think that I could handle a dwarf variety. We will see.

Then I got home and when I took them into the sun room, Pearl looked at me as if to say
"Really?" "Do they know?... Do they know they are going to die?" "Really, you have not given up on ferns yet?"
"Thank God I am not a fern!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks Heidi

Just a note to say thanks Heidi. I finally got the pot planted and love the color, shape and size. You can send me all the pots you want anytime! Thanks again I love it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Backyard Bandit

We had a visitor yesterday who was camped out in the back yard and did not seem to want to leave. I made a lot of racket and tried to get him to go but he would not have any of that and took a nap curled up behind the tree all day.

I even tossed some tennis balls at him to encourage him to leave but he thought I was playing ball and would take the balls back to his napping place and go back to sleep. He was gone this morning and now we miss him. He must be a baby and he had no fear which is not good for him. He came up to our doors in sun room and looked in even though Pearl was barking and right in his face next to the glass. I hope he finds a better home and keeps away from people and dogs. Good luck little guy!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday and Sunny 80°

Not a bad day to spend outside. race season is upon us and the weather is warm. I guess I would have a lot to complain about but spending the day outside and together is a good day.

This race was up in Jacksonville on the Ortega river.

This gives you a little prospective on how long their boat is. Paige says it compares to a semi trailer, around 52 feet.

Paige and her boys took second in both races.