Monday, July 30, 2007

Fresh Fruit Tart

Paige made this tart today. Yum! This is the best way to eat your fruit. This is the second tart this month. Okay we didn't eat this one we gave it away. No, really we did.

Last blog about puppies...

Photo by Rod Mason

What a good Mom.

Photo by Rod Mason

It is hard not to share the photos of the puppies, they are so cute.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pearl is a Great Aunt!

Photos by Rod Mason

Photos by Rod Mason

Photos by Rod Mason

We thought you all should see some of Pearls family. Her niece, Belle just had pups on the 12th of july. Here are some photos taken by Rod Mason and a link to the site if you want to see more photos just click "pups" on their site. Good job Belle! Great photos Rod. Kim & Rod beautiful pups!

Pearl says Hello!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mr Hygiene takes it all off...

We have had a breakthrough. As most of you know, Stacy is known as Mr. Hygiene. One other thing most of you know is that Stacy Never, NEVER goes barefoot or without socks. The only time his lily white feet see the light of day is in the shower.

Stacy, Paige and I went to the Webster flea market several weeks ago. A grain of sand got into Stacy's fortress of protection, his socks and running shoes. Stacy got a blister on his toe. After a few weeks of socks, dress shoes, and tennies the condition did not improve. He finally took my advice and let his feet breath. His feet have gotten to see the light of day. Paige and I were so impressed with his progress that we got him a pair of Keen sandals for his birthday. He started out with socks and sandals that made him look like a German tourist and in Orlando he could get away with it. Now he is down to just the sandals and we are so proud of his progress. Below you will see Stacys foot at Sea World.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Felted Bird #2

This felted bird was an unfinished project that has been sitting in my knitting basket for over a month. I finally finished it last night. I made her hat out of a hand painted silk worm pod and added vintage beads and parts of a peacock feather. You can click the photo to make it larger to see the detail. I have put it on a base like the easter chicks base below.

Here is a photo of the first felted bird I did. It was a Easter gift for Paige. I really like this color.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am trying this new Blogspot and so far I like that I can add photos to the blog and still have a size that when clicked on will pop up in a larger size. On the other blog site my friends have asked if I could make the photos bigger but that was not possible at Xanga. Here at Blogspot it is and that is a plus! Hey, Heidi & Leisa Check it out! Click the photo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paige's Birthday

Paige's Birthday was really fun for me. I enjoy spending time with her and we had so much to do on her birthday. We started out the day going to the DMV with her friends to get her driving permit. She passed both tests and then it was off to the beach.

Once again we went to Ponce Inlet. As soon as we parked the truck, opened the doors and stepped onto the sand we had just enough time to take a few photos and the rain began. No Thunder or lightning so the girls decided to stay and walk up the beach.

With a crack of thunder it was back into the truck and off to North Turn to get some Nachos and sodas. We thought we could wait out the storm but mother nature had other ideas.

We went back home and the girls jumped in to the pool and the back to the house for cake and a surprise. She had not idea!

Then to end the night we had Paige drive for the first time ever. She was a little afraid but excited as well.

I would say that Paige had a great Birthday but I think I enjoyed the day even more than she did.

Happy Birthday Paige!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finding the right fit

I have been trying a blog spot at another site and seem to want more flexibility in arranging the layout of the site. I will see if this is a good fit and is easy for friends and family to access and navigate with out difficulties. So this is the first go and we will see.