Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mr Hygiene takes it all off...

We have had a breakthrough. As most of you know, Stacy is known as Mr. Hygiene. One other thing most of you know is that Stacy Never, NEVER goes barefoot or without socks. The only time his lily white feet see the light of day is in the shower.

Stacy, Paige and I went to the Webster flea market several weeks ago. A grain of sand got into Stacy's fortress of protection, his socks and running shoes. Stacy got a blister on his toe. After a few weeks of socks, dress shoes, and tennies the condition did not improve. He finally took my advice and let his feet breath. His feet have gotten to see the light of day. Paige and I were so impressed with his progress that we got him a pair of Keen sandals for his birthday. He started out with socks and sandals that made him look like a German tourist and in Orlando he could get away with it. Now he is down to just the sandals and we are so proud of his progress. Below you will see Stacys foot at Sea World.

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