Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr. Hygiene and his shoes

Yes, once again I have a story about Mr. Hygiene and his new shoes. We went to Publix today to get some groceries. We had a little more than we thought in the cart and Stacy offered to go and get the truck and pull up to the front. We get out side and load up the truck and as we were pulling out I saw a duck and had Paige look out of her window at the cute duck that was living in the bushes. Then Stacy said "Oh...When I was walking out to get the car this guy was walking towards me and quacking loudly, I thought he was quacking at my fruity shoes." He still is unsure about wearing Keen shoes. Makes him feel like a fruity hippie.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Pearl thought this was a good spot for a nap today. I think that she misses Paige now that she is back in school. She seems to sit and look out the window next to the door Waiting...Sleeping...Waiting...Looking sad and Waiting some more.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update for Heidi #1

Here it is Heidi. This is the case that we just put up in the office. It is an old Mechanics case that I have had for years and years. We thought would be a good place to put Stacys Grandpa Al's old fishing stuff.

We also have "Al" the Deer head that Stacys Grandpa Al shot back in the 50's on a wall in the office.

Update for Heidi #2

This chair was a cast off that we painted semi gloss black. The drapes are shower curtins that I found on clearance.

I found some great fabirc to recover the seat of the chair. We are still working on changing the guest room into an office/lounge for Paige. I still have a lot of work to do in this room but Heidi keeps nagging for photos

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fire Hot in FLorida

Well where to begin...Paige wanted to bake biscuts for breakfast. Then the fire truck came.

Lessons learned
1. Check oven before you turn it on.
2. Never put anything flammalbe in the oven.
3. Make sure your house is always clean for unexpected guests.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Let them eat cake!

The brochure said The Mermaid Kitchen & Cake Factory is the place for the Best Cake! They lie. Mediocre at best. The little square $2.50 Pepperidge Farm coconut cake that comes frozen with white fluffy frosting and coconut is better by a mile. I will give them kudos for atmosphere, it was very cute and a great concept for a place to eat on an island but I am glad the we only opted for cake and not the whole meal. If you must see it, go in to use their bathrooms then leave.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mini Vacation -Sanibel Island Part 1

We took a mini vacation this weekend and went to Sanibel Island. It was a great time. I had hoped to find loads of shells but I did not know that it was not shelling season. We only found a handful of shells that were interesting enough to carry home, but I got what I like even!

The sun was setting and we were running out of light.
The end of the island by the light house.

We could not belive how the sun changed in color so fast and how it looked on the water.

Sky Blue Pink one of my favoriete colors!

Mini Vacation -Sanibel Island Part 2

This was our second day on Sanibel Island. We went to Tarpon Bay and took a 2 hour canoe trail ride. They had a trail marked with numbers from 1-17 with arrows that you followed. It was a beautiful trail with interesting things to see. I find being in nature so entertaining. (if their are no bugs, snakes, spiders, sand flees, slime, sea weed, heat and sticky frogs)

What you don't see because I could not take photos, row, duck and dodge over hanging tree branches is how low some of the trees were. I am not too keen on having tree branches brush agenst me. I am a big chicken, here in Florida I think that spiders, bugs, snakes and other creepy things are lurking about ready to get me.

In some of the spots close to the trees you could see schools of small fish and some striped fish that were large. Some of the fish would jump out of the water I think they were Mullet fish. We tryed to get them on camera but they had fish ESP and could tell when the camera was out as soon as I put it back into my camera bag they would jump real close and real high. Even though I dont like fish these were very fun to watch.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Day at the pool

The girls had a good day today. They spent most of it at the pool floating on the swan. We blew up the swan and then it would not fit into the car so we put it on top. It must have looked funny to see us drive to the pool. School starts for Paige's friends on Monday then Paige starts next Monday. I can not belive how fast summer has gone.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lemon Poppy Seed Tartlets

Today I wanted to bring a treat over to a friends house and decided to try a new recipie. I had great luck with this lemon poppy seed tartlet recipie and thought I would share a photo. What you cant see in the photo is how tart they were. YUM!

Who likes squirrels more?

Here is Pearl and Crusty watching a pair of squirrels chase each other around our back yard. I really can't tell who likes/dislikes squirrels the most. Usually Pearl and Crusty do not come near one another but today they teamed up for a round of squirrel watching.