Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

Sunday we went to see the Greenbay Packer play in Tampa. I am not a huge sports fan but I do like the Packers and spending time with my family, so off to the game we went. Mr. Hygiene was all decked out in his Greenbay Packers best, sporting his old school hat. Very cute!

We had two extra tickets that we gave to some Packers fans as we were going in. After the game started Stacy started to talk to the people we gave the tickets to and long story short...his son works in Atlanta at the insurance firm that sent Stacy the tickets. What a small world. Above is Stacy, Jim and Marge.

And well here is the Packers. Can some one tell #36 he has VPL. Not pretty.

It was a nice to go to the game but Paige and Alyssa were missed very much. We started out all going but a family emergency sent Alyssa to the ER and Paige thought she needed to go along with her. I am glad that Paige did Alyssa's dad had a stroke and had to have surgery. It is good to have a friend with you when things go bad. It was hard to enjoy the game, thought of Alyssa and her family were always keeping us in reality. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we hope you can keep them in your prayers as well.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Basket Case

The cat seemed to be having as much fun as Paige. Basket case Crusty.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tricked out girls bike Pt. 2

My bike is almost done! I can't believe how nice it is looking I cant wait until my seat and new grips come they should be here next week. I have not been able to find streamers that I like for the handles, I am thinking I will have to make some to get them the way I want. Also I am making a liner for the basket, not sure if it will be cloth or I was thinking about felting one...we will see.

I bought a wicker basket but decided for now to go with a wire mesh one. It is quick release and has a nice airy feel. It is black and I think I will leave it for now. I do have a nice brown paint but I do like the black also.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tricked out girls bike

This is the before photo. I bought this used bike on Friday and decided that it needed some work. I can't have a plain black Cherry bike with ugly decals on it now can I.

Here is the during photo. I still have a lot of work. Need to paint the fenders cream, Mr. Hygiene is putting new white walls on. We got a basket and are ordering grips. I think I will make a seat cover and a liner for the basket to match. Updates later on in the week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sick Tree?

I noticed this on my tree a few days ago and thought it was gross but today it is even worse. I don't know much about trees and their afflictions but I do not think this is normal. It also stinks like vinegar. Does any one have an idea about this? It is gross.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day at the beach

Out of the blue we get a phone call from my brother Floyd. "Hey I am in Tampa." What? I was puzzled, but not for long. Got the details he will be in Tampa until Thursday morning for a convention. He was not sure of the details or if he would have any free time so he waited to call until last night when he knew. He only had today off from 10 to 5 but I will take any time with family that I can. We packed up the usual accoutrement that we take to the beach and picked him up a little after 10 am today. We looked at a map and found a little beach to check out in a new area that we had not been to before. We ended up at Sunset Beach Park and at first we were not sure if we wanted to stay because it was so small, but decided to set up camp there and just see how much we did or did not like it. Well it turned out we loved it. Not too many people stepping over you or kids running around. I will say that we did have a lot of Speedo action on old tan guys but what are you going to do?

I really don't remember what Stacy and Floyd were talking about but I remember laughing. Paige was listening in and letting out a little comment now and again and laughing.

Floyd was trying to hold it together while getting a few rays of sun. You can see he is laughing too.

Then Stacy had to tan his back and if you have been to the beach with Mr. Hygiene you will know that he spends 15 minutes sitting in a chair with his shirt off to tan his front. Then he spends 15 minutes standing with his back to the sun to tan his back. For him it is a science. So Floyd went and stood with Stacy in the water while Paige sent a text message to her cousin Alex to rub it in that she was in the sun and to talk about how dorky their dads are... you know the usual things 16 year old girls talk about.

92° and sunny. Not a bad day.

We left the beach around 3 and went and got a cool drink talked a little more and then had to drive Floyd back to the resort for his evening meeting. All in all it was a great day. Only wish Lisa and the girls could have come and that Floyd had more free time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creepy, Gross, Sticky frog!

Yes, yes I know you like frogs but these are gross, sticky and everywhere! Stacy just came into the house shuddering. He had gone outside to to get the news paper out of the truck and when he opened the door this sticky frog was at eye level on the frame of the door.

It made it's way across the door leaving a slimy sticky trail of wet goo behind.

It was good that it was not sitting here when Stacy opened the door it would have been inside in a flash hopping around causing mayhem and causing me to book a ticket back up north where the frogs are not sticky and don't sit on your door waiting to make you scream like a little girl.

Stacy was kind enough to remove it from our entrance in a brave and heroic way. Thanks Mr. Hygiene!

*This was on the News just after I posted ~Frog Story

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Simple Solution ~ Update on Pearls food issues

After taking Pearls old food back to Pookies Bow Wow Bakery for a full refund (Thanks Pookies!) and some research we have decided to go with a dog food Simple Solution a line of food from Wellness. We put Pearl on the simple solution food because of her upset stomach and the vomiting that has been going on for weeks because of the changes Canidae made to her old food. Her new food Simple Solutions has only 5 main ingredients and we thought it would be the best thing to help Pearls system get back to normal. Cross your fingers for us, I really do not want Pearl to vomit anymore or to have to clean my carpet again for awhile.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Can anyone see Paige? Anyone?

Well it's back to school and that can only mean that it is back to rowing as well.

Here is Paige this weekend coxing "Her boys."

I could see her boat all the way across the lake, that bright pink shirt could make a blind man see.

In other CREW news the boat house is almost done. It seems it will be done in a month or so. It is coming along great, a lot of work yet to do and the kids will have a home to call their own.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Canidae ~ Where to start...

We have fed pearl Canidae dog food for over 4 years now. We felt it was the best food we could give our pet the ingredients were simple without a bunch of additives in it that we could not pronounce and it seemed to make her coat thick and lush. She has been healthy and done well on the food until now.

We got a new bag of food a few weeks back three or four I can look up the date if some one really wants to know. Pearl started to vomite two times every other day. she started to have accidents in the house and her bathroom schedual was way off. After two weeks we called the vet. She seemed puzzeled and told us to watch her a little longer since she was still acting the same and had not changed in any other way.

A few days later I called Pookies Bow Wow bakery where we get our food to see if there had been any complaints about the food, I thought maybe I got a bad bag or something. Pookies informed us that the formula had been changed and that was from the first new shipment of the new formula. They also said that they did not have any complaints or concerned customers at that time.

A few days after that I called Canidae and asked if there had been any reports of problems with the food. The women I spoke to told me that they had changed their formula and the color change was due to the slow cooking process and they had improved the formula, I felt safe feeding the food to Pearl after talking to the women on the phone. It did not dawn on me that she did not answer my question about any other complaints until today when Pearl vomited once again, concerned I did a google search on "Problems with Canidae dog food." My jaw dropped when I started reading the reports on the web of problems like ours and even worse since the formula change. has many many complaints just like mine. I am sick that a company that we thought so highly of has let us down. Changing the formula to make it cheeper and not informing loyal customers that there is a problem and that others have inquired about problems only to get the runaround.

Also you can see reviews on about the new formula.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on Sweet Pearl photos

I send photos to my mom and a few other people from time to time and they pick them up at the local store in their area. It is really handy and all they have to do is go into the store and pick them up. I send them right from my computer, it is so easy. Well this is the first time I have had any problems. My mom went in to pick them up and she only got half of the order given to her. She was told that she needed to get a release from the "professional" who took the photos in order to get the photos. Can I say that made my day.