Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

Sunday we went to see the Greenbay Packer play in Tampa. I am not a huge sports fan but I do like the Packers and spending time with my family, so off to the game we went. Mr. Hygiene was all decked out in his Greenbay Packers best, sporting his old school hat. Very cute!

We had two extra tickets that we gave to some Packers fans as we were going in. After the game started Stacy started to talk to the people we gave the tickets to and long story short...his son works in Atlanta at the insurance firm that sent Stacy the tickets. What a small world. Above is Stacy, Jim and Marge.

And well here is the Packers. Can some one tell #36 he has VPL. Not pretty.

It was a nice to go to the game but Paige and Alyssa were missed very much. We started out all going but a family emergency sent Alyssa to the ER and Paige thought she needed to go along with her. I am glad that Paige did Alyssa's dad had a stroke and had to have surgery. It is good to have a friend with you when things go bad. It was hard to enjoy the game, thought of Alyssa and her family were always keeping us in reality. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we hope you can keep them in your prayers as well.


Lisa said...

Wish we were there at the game.
It would've been great to see them win. How is Alysnn's dad? That is tough. Hope all works out.
How is the bike coming along?

Betsy said...

Someone should also tell #74 that he got the wrong memo re: what color socks to wear. Pay them millions of dollars and they can't get the color of their socks right....what is with that?