Sunday, September 7, 2008

Canidae ~ Where to start...

We have fed pearl Canidae dog food for over 4 years now. We felt it was the best food we could give our pet the ingredients were simple without a bunch of additives in it that we could not pronounce and it seemed to make her coat thick and lush. She has been healthy and done well on the food until now.

We got a new bag of food a few weeks back three or four I can look up the date if some one really wants to know. Pearl started to vomite two times every other day. she started to have accidents in the house and her bathroom schedual was way off. After two weeks we called the vet. She seemed puzzeled and told us to watch her a little longer since she was still acting the same and had not changed in any other way.

A few days later I called Pookies Bow Wow bakery where we get our food to see if there had been any complaints about the food, I thought maybe I got a bad bag or something. Pookies informed us that the formula had been changed and that was from the first new shipment of the new formula. They also said that they did not have any complaints or concerned customers at that time.

A few days after that I called Canidae and asked if there had been any reports of problems with the food. The women I spoke to told me that they had changed their formula and the color change was due to the slow cooking process and they had improved the formula, I felt safe feeding the food to Pearl after talking to the women on the phone. It did not dawn on me that she did not answer my question about any other complaints until today when Pearl vomited once again, concerned I did a google search on "Problems with Canidae dog food." My jaw dropped when I started reading the reports on the web of problems like ours and even worse since the formula change. has many many complaints just like mine. I am sick that a company that we thought so highly of has let us down. Changing the formula to make it cheeper and not informing loyal customers that there is a problem and that others have inquired about problems only to get the runaround.

Also you can see reviews on about the new formula.

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Lisa said...

Poor Pearl, Is she feeling better?
Have you changed dog food?
Good luck with the dog food!