Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day at the beach

Out of the blue we get a phone call from my brother Floyd. "Hey I am in Tampa." What? I was puzzled, but not for long. Got the details he will be in Tampa until Thursday morning for a convention. He was not sure of the details or if he would have any free time so he waited to call until last night when he knew. He only had today off from 10 to 5 but I will take any time with family that I can. We packed up the usual accoutrement that we take to the beach and picked him up a little after 10 am today. We looked at a map and found a little beach to check out in a new area that we had not been to before. We ended up at Sunset Beach Park and at first we were not sure if we wanted to stay because it was so small, but decided to set up camp there and just see how much we did or did not like it. Well it turned out we loved it. Not too many people stepping over you or kids running around. I will say that we did have a lot of Speedo action on old tan guys but what are you going to do?

I really don't remember what Stacy and Floyd were talking about but I remember laughing. Paige was listening in and letting out a little comment now and again and laughing.

Floyd was trying to hold it together while getting a few rays of sun. You can see he is laughing too.

Then Stacy had to tan his back and if you have been to the beach with Mr. Hygiene you will know that he spends 15 minutes sitting in a chair with his shirt off to tan his front. Then he spends 15 minutes standing with his back to the sun to tan his back. For him it is a science. So Floyd went and stood with Stacy in the water while Paige sent a text message to her cousin Alex to rub it in that she was in the sun and to talk about how dorky their dads are... you know the usual things 16 year old girls talk about.

92° and sunny. Not a bad day.

We left the beach around 3 and went and got a cool drink talked a little more and then had to drive Floyd back to the resort for his evening meeting. All in all it was a great day. Only wish Lisa and the girls could have come and that Floyd had more free time.


Lisa said...

That was good, thanks for the blog. I sure wish i was there too. Miss the hot summers. Our summer was so short here in Wisconsin. Our trees are changing colors already and the temperature didn't even get to 60 today. And instead of you guys in the south getting the rain from the hurricane, we are getting so much. Oh well. Again, Thanks for the blog. I sure enjoyed it. Love ya, Lisa

MangoShel said...

Aw looks like fun. Also looks like a really nice little pretty beach. The sunny weather does look nice... but I have to say I like having fall... Just went on a walk and had to wear a jacket, my ears are still kinda cold. its 62 out. Ok sorry I'll stop rubbing it in. Hi to Paige for me. I promise I'll post more.. probably Sunday, I'll be gone all week at a Youth event thing so I'll have pics. love
shell bee