Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pearl, Sweet Pearl

Today the sun the tempature was down, Pearl just had a bath and the camera came out. I snapped this photo of Pearl so I could send off a Holloween photo to Pearls God Mother Janet. We like to give her Holiday photos and spoile her as much as she spoils our sweet dog. I had to laugh out loud when I uploaded the photos and saw our little cat over her sholder peeking out the window. I have several photos where she just appears in the photo with out us knowing. Some times it is a little creepy. I will have to dig them out and show you some time.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Holloween! Mmm... Candy... Candy... Candy...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Felting addiction ~ again!

I love making these little things. I have made a few handfuls now and do not see an end in site.

With our upcoming trip to Chattanooga I am sure a few more things will get felted in the truck on our way.

I will need to also get out my knitting and some other portable crafts to take up travel time in the truck. Well what time is left after my napping...singing...and navigating from the passengers seat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall colors in Florida

I love these Seedpods? Blossoms? Whatever they are they are beautiful, however, I am glad that they are in our neighbors tree and not in ours. They do make quite the mess, a pretty mess but a mess all the same. Mr. Hygiene Would not like them messing up his manicured lawn. He already has it in for the oak tree.

The tree has a very nice shape to it as well as the pretty show it puts on. It looks nice even when most of the leaves drop. Yep, the leaves drop here too but the bad thing about fall here is the leaves drop until January or February, making a mess for months.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day at the Swamp

Well, here we go again...Crew. The first race of the fall was the Gator Head 2008 up in Gainsville. Up at 4, out the door at 4:30, at the race site before the crack of dawn. Grumpy by 7.

It was not easy to get good photos today the swamp is not a great place for light and it was very overcast for most of the day. Here is Paige is leading her boat down to the gator infested lake. (Yes Heidi, believe it I did let my daughter get in a boat on that lake with the gators.)

Here is the JV*8 boat coming around the corner, not an easy turn to make. She took it like a champ even passing two boats. All in all it was a great race for the JV8. Their boat was able to beat 4 varsity boats and 3 JV's and place 4th out of 11 not to shabby.

Don't you love the moss? What a creepy place to have a race, saw a dead armadillo, possum and something moving in the under growth that I did not want to investigate.

I should have taken more photos of the area so you could see what I am really talking about when I say swamp. This is not the best photo but it will give you an idea.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tricked out girls bike Pt. 3

Stacy was nice enough to help me finish my bike tonight. Thanks Mr. Hygiene! He started out with putting on the new bell, it makes a nice little ding to alert the people ahead that they might get run over.

Stacy also put on my new seat that came in the mail today the first one came damaged. The seat is amazingly comfortable but than again it is as large as a sofa so why wouldn't it be. I took it for a little spin around the hood, wow what a ride. I know you are all envious! Hey I can trick out a ride for you too... Just bring it over.

Have a great weekend. This weekend is a race weekend for Paige. We will be up at the Gator Chaser and yep we will see some gators right in the boat lanes, they bob up and down when the boats got by. Yep, really.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bathroom Lighting

I found a shade that I like in Mary Engelbret's Home Companion, now I want to replace all the fixtures in our bathroom. I thought I would share some that I found at REJUVENATION and see what you think. I like the finish on this one. It matches that hardware on all our doors in our house and the lighting fixtures in the dining room and entry. I really like this one and I think it is the most classic.

I love the hardware on this one. The green is fun and would tie in nice with all the greens in my bathroom. I think it would be the most fun and would make me smile when I would look at it. Yep I am that dorky.

This would be what we would put over each sink, if the greens match. If not I would just get white. Poor Stacy He has no idea he will be installing new light fixtures soon. We will keep him in the dark a little longer. No lighting pun intended.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Sur Power Bars ~ revisited

I made these again tonight. They were fun to make and the recipe from Heidi Swanson of 101 cookbooks is very good. I thought I would give the recipe a twist. I omitted the espresso powder added a handful of chocolate chips and cup of dried cherries. Yum! Stacy had a few already tonight, I think he likes the chocolate flavor better than the coffee flavor that was in the last batch. Try to make these they are very quick and simple to make.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Crusty is on the case

We have a critter in the attic above the office...ARRRGGG! I have heard the little toenails running around up there today. So has Crusty, she is on the case. I have not seen where it got in but its time is limited. Only wish we had Dan the Critter Cleaner or KC Tom the squirrel hater here to help me out. And yes Mr. Hygiene is out of town when we need him. Tomorrow your time is up little creature. Enjoy your comfort today....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day at the beach

It has been awhile since we have been to the beach. It is always our favorite place to relax. Now that school has started and the weather is below 90°F we can enjoy the beach with out a million people around. I wish it would be like this all the time.

The nature is back at the beach as well, when there is so many people around these little creatures find a different place to hang out and I really miss watching them. They seem to like the seaweed. I also thought it was nice of them to hang out in an odd number, much better for photos than even. How did they know?

These big birds still amaze me, they can stand still like this for ever waiting for a fish to swim pass for lunch. I wonder what our cat would do if she saw this.

These little sand crabs have so much personality, we saw a few of them today. Poor Paige is so petrified of them, but I think they are cute.

Then there is Mr. Hygiene looking crisp as ever. Paige and I were talking today how far he has come...look no shoes or socks in site.

It was a beautiful day at the beach, the perfect day. Days like this make us want to sell everything and move to the ocean. Stacy says we have a few more years before we can do that. I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Miss Muffet...

What kind of spider is this? I have tried to look it up and can not find anything, and gross, icky and creepy are not the names I am looking for.