Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Sur Power Bars ~ you need to make these!

This recipe has a few thing that I usually do not use and some that I have never used at all...Rice syrup? What is that? I am glad that I stepped out side of my normal recipe box and tried to make these easy and very yummy bars. The only thing I changed in the recipe is using instant espresso instead of ground espresso and I only used one tablespoon.

I Stacy has had a bite and said "I would eat them...are they good for you?" Paige had a small bite as well and she said "I'll have one in the morning." My people are so expressive.

The recipe will be fun to adapt and play with. Heidi from came up with a very adaptable recipe that is now one of my new favorites.

* you could substitute cocoa powder for the espresso and maybe add dried cherries and other dried fruit you like. YUM!


Lisa said...

The bars look really yummy. I'll have to try them sometime, maybe when the kids get back to school. If i have some time. The time issue is always a problem.
How is the Holiday weekend going for you?

Holly Loves Art said...

Yummy yum yum! I'm hopping on a plane and coming right over!

Oh my goodness... Pearl below looks absolutely beautiful. She is captured in the most special way. LOVE these photos. What a doll.

KC Tom said...

Yes, I see the recipe, but nothing matches what's in the "real" granola bars I've gotten used to from the store: You know, lecithin, carageenan, gelatin, BHA, BHT, artificial flavor . . . And where are the little silver-colored plastic wrappers with the fancy logos and the names like "Super-Fudge and Mango Ripple Granola Bar"? Come on, not even any "Mocha Flavor-Blast Bitz" inside?

But seriously, they look tasty and I wish I could try one.

P.S.: Enjoy your blog, but that music starting up whenever I load the page really gives me a twitchy Close-This-Browser-Instantly to-Make-that-sound-Stop mouse finger. Not saying I don't like your music, but when I'm reading I'm not in a mood to listen, and the way the music restarts whenever I click on an embedded link and come back to your site, just about drives me up a wall. Please make it start-on-demand!

bs heidi said...

How rude was that last comment?? If you dont like the view then please sit somewhere else!! I love the music and feel it's a reflection on Jill's great taste in music!! So "kc tom" maybe you should just turn down your hearing aid. I also think the power bars look delicious. bs heidi

christina said...

If you dont like the music, then find another blog to read instead.
stop bitching and move on.