Friday, August 8, 2008

Swimming with the fishes...

I am excited to try out my new camera accessory. We are going Kayaking this weekend and of course I want to take my camera. I have taken it canoeing before and am starting to think I am pressing my luck with my camera and water. I do not want it to go swimming with the fishes without the proper gear.

I am trying the Dicapac water proof bag.

I have already put in my camera and snapped a few photos with and with out the bag to see if there was a noticeable difference in the quality of photos. It does not look like there is any difference in the quality of the photo, I have not been able to look at the photos on a computer yet so we will see when I get my Mac back how the photos look.


Lisa said...

Good luck with the new accessory.

MangoShel said...

Oooh I was going to get one of those before we came down to see you but it would not have shipped in time. So I just had to go with the disposable. But let me know how it turns out, maybe I'll get one. Thanks again for everying! and good luck with your computer.