Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mini Holiday pt.2

David was our guide from Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures. He was very helpful getting us acquainted with the kayak, paddles and how to be efficient paddlers. The tour started out with instructions on how best to use the paddles, how to navigate using them and just making us feel comfortable in the water.

A few last minute adjustments and tips and we were launched.

When we just got out a little way into open water a bird landed right next to Paige's Kayak almost hitting her and went under the water, he popped up right next to her then he followed her most of the time we were in open water.

Spaz would swim under the water and pop up from time to time looking at her and swimming on the top or the water along side the kayak.

I think Spaz was smitten.

Hello again Spaz.

Our guide told us that he follows the kayak tours all the time and has even flew into his kayak once hitting his head on the front.

He took a little time checking out everyone on the tour and Spaz added much entertainment.

Then we saw him come up with a fish. Our guide David said they liked to swim with the kayak thinking that it might stir up the fish hiding below making it easier for the birds to catch fish.

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Leisa said...

It looks like it was a wonderful time, and you all casted out your rods! Love the bird/duck/waterfowl.