Monday, August 11, 2008

Siesta Key Mini Holiday pt. 1

If Paige only knew here what was in store for her on the 3 1/2 hour tour she would not be smiling.

There is so much to show I will start with the urchins. Our guide was cool enough to get some out of the water for us to see up close and even hold.

They camouflage themselves by grabbing shels and holding on to them so that birds think they are rocks and will not eat them. They start to drop there armor when you hold them and then you can see them really good. They were very intersting.

This is the group we were with. I was not sure about going with a group or even having a guide but I am glad that we did. Our guide David was great at showing us how to use the equipment and gave us great tips on how to paddle.

The mangroves tunnels were amazing. It was good that Paige did not know how many crustations were in there before we got into the tunnels. They were everywhere! Paige has an irrational fear of crabs and crustations, I though she was going to pass out with fear once she saw that the crabs were crawling on roots and branches that were overhead the water. She survived and had a great time except the crab part. I see some kayaks in our future.


MangoShel said...

wow looks like fun. Those big tree root thingies are really cool looking. Except the crab part sounds pretty icky. So is your mac back up and running?

Poppy said...

No, my Mac is still in the ER waiting to see the Mac Doctor. I had to use Paige's PC, ARRRRGGGG!