Friday, November 28, 2008

How to have fun at a car show

Find the photo booth...

Go through line multiple times...

Bring along a partner in crime who will do this

Find a car that matches your nail polish the best

Yep, it's a match!

See what car has the best lighting for your makeup...

Wonder why the bathroom signs have JAZZ hands...

Pretend like your a driver on the highway of life...

Test drive a truck

Take a photo of your daughter....

Taking a photo of this...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cleaning Kitty

I really don't like posting other peoples videos or any videos for that matter. But this one made me laugh.

*Update: Paige wants to get Crusty a Roomba

Friday, November 21, 2008

Swell Noel

I have been waiting for this to come out in stores and not had any luck finding it locally. It is however on the web at a number of independent scrapbook stores. I don't know why Michael's does not have it in there stores yet or if they will. I already have my order in. Many of the items are sold out already and are on back order. You can find it at I do not get a kick back or anything but they have the best selection of this wonderfully designed line. Yes this is another shameless plug for my friend and designer Sheri McCulley Seibold but I do really love every thing that she creates.
Swell Noel Advent Tree- Kit includes die-cut papers to create a 3D, cone-shaped, double-sided (one side Green the other Blue) tree, with fringed ends, and one sheet of 25 clearly yours ornaments to count down the days! Approximately 20" tall.

Atwitter with effervescent snowflakes and brilliant ornamentation, award-winning designer Sheri McCulley Seibold spins retro into metro with her stylish eye for darling details and snappy patterns - perfect for creating a cool yule this holiday season!

Swell Noel Holiday Sleigh & Reindeer- Kit includes all the die-cut papers needed to create a small sleigh and 3 tiny reindeer. Sleigh is approximately 7 1/2" tall. Great for centerpiece or mantel decor. Colors include shades of Teal, Lime, Red , Green.

Die Cut Swell Noel- Pad contains 18 total sheets. 3 each of 6 different die-cut edge designs, all double-sided with linen texture. Patterns include contemporary/retro Christmas icons, stripes, florals and more. Colors include shades of Aqua, Pink, Lime, Red, Chocolate and White.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a world, what a night, Im in love...

So the song goes. It was a wonderful night. I have heard that his tickets go for Thousands of dollars and I knew he was good and now I know why people would part with cold hard earned cash in large quantities to see Michael Buble sing. There is something so wonderful about music that is timeless. Wish you all could have been there it was such a special treat I hope to see him again, until then I will pull out the old Cd's and enjoy.

He even said you could come up and take photos...

Yep that close...

How nice was he?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yet another crew post

So this is how the day started. Mr. Hygiene making french toast. He has never made french toast, ever. He does not cook. Ever!

1) I wont let him.
2) I don't want food poisoning
3) I don't want Kraft mac and cheese
4) TV dinners are not cooking
5) His job is to look good not cook

Some how the hospitality people got him signed up to help and did not know his skill set did not include cooking. He did a great job and no one died from the food. Just stay out of my kitchen.

The MV8 boat heading to the finish. This was the first race with the new boat.

Paige cutting me off, they thought they did not do very well I guess. You can tell a lot from the look on Paige's face.

They did great only 30 seconds off of the first place boat and ten seconds off of the second place boat. A respectable third place.

This praying mantis was admiring my bike. They are a little creepy but fun to see. Stacy had a hard time getting it off of the bike basket. We brought our bikes this time, we are catching on and were glad. It is nice to make good time from the launch site to the start and finish lines. I will have to show you the nice bike rack Stacy got for us, it is really great and easy to use. Thanks Stacy you did a great job finding the best one out there.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Big White or not so big White

I am giving a big shout out to this guy ~ Big White, who is no longer Big White but Medium White. He joined the Rowing team last year and is showing off what a great sport this is for getting in shape. He just broke the 200 mark losing over 70lbs. Yes you read it correctly over 70lbs. His current weight as he puts it is 196 (190sexy as he says). Gotta love Big White. I was talking to Paige about his nick name and I think it should be Big Medium White or BMW. Great job Big White. Oh and by the way he was a northern boy at one time living in Michigan before moving to Florida.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Homecoming was last night. We had last minute dresss issues but that got worked out.

Paige and Preston.

The some of the rowing kids got together for photos.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend! We left for Chattanooga on Friday around 10:30 AM. We drove with only three stops to TN. Got to the hotel, went to bed. Got up, went to the race site grabbed a coffee. Went to the bridge to take photos, saw the 18 Minute and 5 second head race. Took more photos. Bought a Hooch shirt. Got back in the car, drove back to FL with only 2 stops. arrived home at 11:45 PM Saturday. Unloaded the truck, went to bed. Got up at 3:00 AM drove to the Target parking lot to pick up Paige from the team Bus. Got back home at 3:15. Went to bed again at 3:16 AM. Woke up at noon. Loaded photos. Blogged.

I did not have good luck with photos this time. I bumped it and messed up the settings so the best photos got blurred. Oh well.

I love to take the photos from the bridge. It is a great view and you don't get to see them up close very often if ever.

Such a nice place to watch the race.

10Th out of 54 boats. Not too bad!