Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yet another crew post

So this is how the day started. Mr. Hygiene making french toast. He has never made french toast, ever. He does not cook. Ever!

1) I wont let him.
2) I don't want food poisoning
3) I don't want Kraft mac and cheese
4) TV dinners are not cooking
5) His job is to look good not cook

Some how the hospitality people got him signed up to help and did not know his skill set did not include cooking. He did a great job and no one died from the food. Just stay out of my kitchen.

The MV8 boat heading to the finish. This was the first race with the new boat.

Paige cutting me off, they thought they did not do very well I guess. You can tell a lot from the look on Paige's face.

They did great only 30 seconds off of the first place boat and ten seconds off of the second place boat. A respectable third place.

This praying mantis was admiring my bike. They are a little creepy but fun to see. Stacy had a hard time getting it off of the bike basket. We brought our bikes this time, we are catching on and were glad. It is nice to make good time from the launch site to the start and finish lines. I will have to show you the nice bike rack Stacy got for us, it is really great and easy to use. Thanks Stacy you did a great job finding the best one out there.

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Lisa said...

Look like a great time. I want to see you guys in action on those bikes. Miss you