Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend! We left for Chattanooga on Friday around 10:30 AM. We drove with only three stops to TN. Got to the hotel, went to bed. Got up, went to the race site grabbed a coffee. Went to the bridge to take photos, saw the 18 Minute and 5 second head race. Took more photos. Bought a Hooch shirt. Got back in the car, drove back to FL with only 2 stops. arrived home at 11:45 PM Saturday. Unloaded the truck, went to bed. Got up at 3:00 AM drove to the Target parking lot to pick up Paige from the team Bus. Got back home at 3:15. Went to bed again at 3:16 AM. Woke up at noon. Loaded photos. Blogged.

I did not have good luck with photos this time. I bumped it and messed up the settings so the best photos got blurred. Oh well.

I love to take the photos from the bridge. It is a great view and you don't get to see them up close very often if ever.

Such a nice place to watch the race.

10Th out of 54 boats. Not too bad!


MangoShel said...

wow sounds super busy but looks like you guys had fun. wow 3:00 in the morning? that is not a fun time to go anywhere haha. Well I put pics up from masquerade so you will have to check those out... it was pretty super fun. ttyl!

Lisa said...

The first picture was very familiar. I recognized that right off the bat. Looked like fun. I sure wish Chatt. was that close to us. Glad you had safe travels.
Good Job Paige!