Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday at the park

After the last cold snap here in Florida in December I thought I would never be glad to see the temperature go below 45 degrees. Well after seeing the Manatees two weeks ago during a mild cool down I was ecstatic to see the temperature last night fall to 42 degrees because I knew the manatees would be out. Last time we were there the Park Ranger said some times when it is really cold the manatees pack in like sardines. She was not kidding. It was amazing!

Stacy got to come with us this time to watch the manatees and the people as well. There are always some interesting people here in Florida, tourist are everywhere and never leave us short of some sarcastic comment.

There is never very many manatees at the mouth of the spring but it is so beautiful. It looks like a vintage Florida post card. If you ever are in Florida when it is cold look up where the Manatees are and see them it is worth your time and effort. Way better than seeing them at SeaWorld.