Monday, October 27, 2008

Felting addiction ~ again!

I love making these little things. I have made a few handfuls now and do not see an end in site.

With our upcoming trip to Chattanooga I am sure a few more things will get felted in the truck on our way.

I will need to also get out my knitting and some other portable crafts to take up travel time in the truck. Well what time is left after my napping...singing...and navigating from the passengers seat.


Holly Loves Art said...

Chattanooga??? Oh how fun! Have a lovely time. I love these little beauties. What a fun project. I hope you're well. :)

Take care,

Lisa said...

Road trips are fun, we are taking one for Thanksgiving. My family from Chattanooga is meeting us in Illinois for the holiday. It will be fun. Drive safe!