Friday, October 17, 2008

Tricked out girls bike Pt. 3

Stacy was nice enough to help me finish my bike tonight. Thanks Mr. Hygiene! He started out with putting on the new bell, it makes a nice little ding to alert the people ahead that they might get run over.

Stacy also put on my new seat that came in the mail today the first one came damaged. The seat is amazingly comfortable but than again it is as large as a sofa so why wouldn't it be. I took it for a little spin around the hood, wow what a ride. I know you are all envious! Hey I can trick out a ride for you too... Just bring it over.

Have a great weekend. This weekend is a race weekend for Paige. We will be up at the Gator Chaser and yep we will see some gators right in the boat lanes, they bob up and down when the boats got by. Yep, really.


MangoShel said...

Cute bike. Love the color. Will look forward to any Paige pics from the weekend, and good luck in the races!

Leisa said...

Glad you got your new cushy seat, every good girl needs a nice new cushy seat.
I'll pass on the gators tho