Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day at the Swamp

Well, here we go again...Crew. The first race of the fall was the Gator Head 2008 up in Gainsville. Up at 4, out the door at 4:30, at the race site before the crack of dawn. Grumpy by 7.

It was not easy to get good photos today the swamp is not a great place for light and it was very overcast for most of the day. Here is Paige is leading her boat down to the gator infested lake. (Yes Heidi, believe it I did let my daughter get in a boat on that lake with the gators.)

Here is the JV*8 boat coming around the corner, not an easy turn to make. She took it like a champ even passing two boats. All in all it was a great race for the JV8. Their boat was able to beat 4 varsity boats and 3 JV's and place 4th out of 11 not to shabby.

Don't you love the moss? What a creepy place to have a race, saw a dead armadillo, possum and something moving in the under growth that I did not want to investigate.

I should have taken more photos of the area so you could see what I am really talking about when I say swamp. This is not the best photo but it will give you an idea.


Lisa said...

Well you might have not had the greatest day in the Swamp, but the sunrise was awesome. We had a great weekend, just getting things ready around the house for the winter months.

MangoShel said...

Yay Paige pics!