Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creepy, Gross, Sticky frog!

Yes, yes I know you like frogs but these are gross, sticky and everywhere! Stacy just came into the house shuddering. He had gone outside to to get the news paper out of the truck and when he opened the door this sticky frog was at eye level on the frame of the door.

It made it's way across the door leaving a slimy sticky trail of wet goo behind.

It was good that it was not sitting here when Stacy opened the door it would have been inside in a flash hopping around causing mayhem and causing me to book a ticket back up north where the frogs are not sticky and don't sit on your door waiting to make you scream like a little girl.

Stacy was kind enough to remove it from our entrance in a brave and heroic way. Thanks Mr. Hygiene!

*This was on the News just after I posted ~Frog Story


MangoShel said...

Aw they are sort of cute in the pics, but I can see why they are icky. That is gross why are they so sticky?

Lisa said...

Hey, So glad you can hook up with floyd and spend some time with him, while he's down there. He is very proud of his award and being one of the Top 10 to receive this award in the whole company. The only thing we forgot was the ugliest T-shirt contest. He thought you might be able to help with that? Hope to see some pictures tomorrow. Thanks, I miss him terribly. Lisa