Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mini Vacation -Sanibel Island Part 2

This was our second day on Sanibel Island. We went to Tarpon Bay and took a 2 hour canoe trail ride. They had a trail marked with numbers from 1-17 with arrows that you followed. It was a beautiful trail with interesting things to see. I find being in nature so entertaining. (if their are no bugs, snakes, spiders, sand flees, slime, sea weed, heat and sticky frogs)

What you don't see because I could not take photos, row, duck and dodge over hanging tree branches is how low some of the trees were. I am not too keen on having tree branches brush agenst me. I am a big chicken, here in Florida I think that spiders, bugs, snakes and other creepy things are lurking about ready to get me.

In some of the spots close to the trees you could see schools of small fish and some striped fish that were large. Some of the fish would jump out of the water I think they were Mullet fish. We tryed to get them on camera but they had fish ESP and could tell when the camera was out as soon as I put it back into my camera bag they would jump real close and real high. Even though I dont like fish these were very fun to watch.

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