Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paige's Birthday

Paige's Birthday was really fun for me. I enjoy spending time with her and we had so much to do on her birthday. We started out the day going to the DMV with her friends to get her driving permit. She passed both tests and then it was off to the beach.

Once again we went to Ponce Inlet. As soon as we parked the truck, opened the doors and stepped onto the sand we had just enough time to take a few photos and the rain began. No Thunder or lightning so the girls decided to stay and walk up the beach.

With a crack of thunder it was back into the truck and off to North Turn to get some Nachos and sodas. We thought we could wait out the storm but mother nature had other ideas.

We went back home and the girls jumped in to the pool and the back to the house for cake and a surprise. She had not idea!

Then to end the night we had Paige drive for the first time ever. She was a little afraid but excited as well.

I would say that Paige had a great Birthday but I think I enjoyed the day even more than she did.

Happy Birthday Paige!

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