Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do they know?

I went to a plant sale today, it was a little like a farmers market except for plants, trees and flowers. I was in heaven. I found a rosemary topiary that made me so happy. I have been without one since we moved from Nebraska and just love them in the house. I saw a mango tree that I thought about but was not sure if I really needed one. Then I asked if anyone had maiden hair ferns and I was directed to the "Fern Lady" I was just a twitter, I love ferns even if I can not seem to keep them alive very long... I bought several, yes several and then a begonia as well, I have such a week spot for begonias and so does the Fern Lady. I got a lovely Nautilus variety, I have been calling them snail begonias but was corrected today... Then on the way back to the car I also picked up the mango tree. I talked to the "Mango Man" and think that I could handle a dwarf variety. We will see.

Then I got home and when I took them into the sun room, Pearl looked at me as if to say
"Really?" "Do they know?... Do they know they are going to die?" "Really, you have not given up on ferns yet?"
"Thank God I am not a fern!"


Leisa said...

love that photo of Pearly Girl and the abundance of Ferns.
Just remember, shower, brush teeth, water Ferns!

Lisa said...

just because your mother could keep ferns doesnt mean you can!
Luv Pearl!