Monday, March 9, 2009

Backyard Bandit

We had a visitor yesterday who was camped out in the back yard and did not seem to want to leave. I made a lot of racket and tried to get him to go but he would not have any of that and took a nap curled up behind the tree all day.

I even tossed some tennis balls at him to encourage him to leave but he thought I was playing ball and would take the balls back to his napping place and go back to sleep. He was gone this morning and now we miss him. He must be a baby and he had no fear which is not good for him. He came up to our doors in sun room and looked in even though Pearl was barking and right in his face next to the glass. I hope he finds a better home and keeps away from people and dogs. Good luck little guy!


Lisa said...

He is really cute, and so friendly. Maybe another pet for you!
Your grass looks nice too. I miss Green Grass!
Love ya

MangoShel said...

Aaaaw that is such a cute picture, of him looking out from behind the tree. Our raccoons here aren't that cute. haha. My mom was coming back from her office (EEEeeee) the other night, and she saw this possum, just sitting there looking at her.

Leisa said...

ok, I have to admit, that 1st photo is pretty darn cute. But you know how I really feel about rodents of any kind.