Saturday, April 26, 2008

States ~ Regatta

Just a warning lots of crew photos today.

Check 1-2-3, check, check, sibilance, check 1-2, testing 1-2-3, check. Paige with her head gear on, getting ready to take the boat down to the dock, would you like fries with that?

When they get down to the start of the race, they have to wait for awhile to let boats ahead of them start.  They have a holding pattern and get to take a break before they start their flight.

I went on the bridge today to take some photos at a different angle than I usually can.  Tampa is a great place to take close-up photos.

This is the race that started right before the Men's Junior Varsity Four (MJV4).  I thought it was an interesting photo to see them all lined up.  Usually you only see the finish line and do not get to see the start.

This poor woman sat here for hours holding the boats at the starting line. I think she was pink before she left for the day.

From up on the bridge the boat look so small, you can't even see Paige.

The canal looks small when your on the bank, but from the bridge you can see that it is pretty wide.  They have six lanes.

Paige is tucked into the front of the boat coxing the the Men's Junior Varsity Four (MJV4).  We go back to Tampa tomorrow they did great today and have to row again tomorrow in the finals.


MangoShel said...

wow looks like fun. How did they end up doing in the finals? I finally got a change on the computer so I put some new pics up. Hope they did great in the final thing. Miss ya guys

MangoShel said...

I mean a chance on the computer. My mom is on there 26/7 :D

Betsy said...

Does Paige sit backwards?

Poppy said...

No, she sits facing forward,the rowers sit facing backwards.

Betsy said...

it looks like a lot of fun (attending not rowing!)