Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random Photos pt. 2

Here are the last random photos from our vacation. There were so many photos that I wanted to put up for family and friends to see but if you know me at all you know that on our mini-holiday I took over 500 photos and I do need to stop boring everyone with the sun, sand, ocean and photos soon. Today I thought I would put up the last few photos. Below you will see Paige's pink toes in sea weed. My Self portraite ~ Red toes in sand, OPI's ~ Quarter of a cent-cherry, and yes, Mr. Hygiene's feet in all his beach glory.

1 comment:

Leisa said...

is that a dolphin?! how wonderful!
suprised Paigee got that close to the seaweed, glad you didn't try to pose her next to a crustacean.
and of course, love the sock tan!