Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mini Holiday pt. 3

Stacy bought Drumstick ice cream treats to have in the hotel as a refresher when we got back from a hot day at the beach.  We had a few left when it was time to check-out of the hotel and he was bound and determined to save the Drumsticks and take them to the beach.  He packed our small cooler with ice to the top encasing the treats, hoping this would keep them long enough to enjoy on the beach.  Here he is so pleased with himself.  We heard about this for hours, how great it was, how he did it and got to enjoy his tasty treat on the beach while Paige and I (a.k.a. "The Doubters" as Stacy called us) looked on. 

I love it when Paige has her hair flipped to the right side.  She has flipped it to the left side since October when she got a Chalazion on her left eye.  She goes in to get the Chalazion removed a week from Thursday, she will be very happy about that!

This is our favorite shell find of the vacation.  It is so small, but has the most detail of any of the shells we found.  We are going to frame it.

Paige and I love this bird. He has great hair and a little bit of attitude.  Paige thinks he looks like Christian from Bravo's Project Runway.  I agree.


Sarah said...

Paige, you look beautiful! Re: Stacy and the Drumsticks...there's nothing wrong with being frugal!

MangoShel said...

I love Paige's hair all flippy and curly too. I think I mentioned that a few times though. I'm so sorry about her eye! ttyl

KC Tom said...

Stacy--Way to save your hard-earned food dollars and maximize available temperature-control technology to bring your own treats to a public place where such goods are undoubtedly overpriced or unavailable. Let the ladies laugh. You are a credit to your gender and a living example of the "Millionaire Next Door" philosophy. How this treat is any less significant than a bunch of froufrou dessert arranged on a plate with a mint leaf, I do not know.