Friday, April 11, 2008

Pearls Room ~ A Dogs Life

If you were a dog would you like this for your room? This is Pearls room. Yes, our Dog has her own room. I do get to use for a craft room from time to time. Today, I could not find her and when I looked in her room, she was napping in the sun, on her bed. It was so sweet. She is a lucky dog. I told her not every dog gets their own room and a mattress with springs in it to sleep on, with clean sheets that get changed on laundry day. She did not believe me. I really think she believes all dogs live like this.

Here she is when I was telling her that some dogs live outside and that some dogs don't have people.

Pearl what are you thinking? Yes, it is true Pearl, some dogs even live in the wild without a dinner time and a night time snack. What?

Pearl is sad that all dogs are not as lucky as she is.


MangoShel said...

Aw-Lucky dog!!! I bet she is so happy to have such a nice family. I like all your beach pics they're cute. Miss you guys!

Leisa said...

My Pearly-Girl, oh how I miss your paw placed gently on my foot when I got up in the morning! What a good dog. What a lovely, organized room....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Jill ann!
Love the room too.