Monday, April 7, 2008

Random Pt. 1

It is so fun to see people on the beach, there is such a wide variety, all there for different reasons.

The kids sitting with the fish on the line in front of them while their grandfather holds the fish is funny because the kid looks freaked out by the fish.

One of my favorite photos was the guy adjusting his overalls that were attached to his swim trunks. Stacy said "You can take the man out of Wisconsin, but you can not take the Wisconsin out of the man." So true.

Take a look at this guy who is looking for treasure, I would love to have a metal detector. I have wanted one since I saw them inside the Bazooka gum wrappers when I was little.

The lady taking photos scares Stacy a little, I think he is hoping that I will stop taking photos before we get that old because he would not want to have to get sand out of his socks on photography outings at that age...

And I love the couple holding hands on the beach as they take their walk,  so cute.

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