Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friends, Laughter, and Food

Leisa is here for holiday and we are cooking up a storm. Tonight we decided to delight Paige with our take on pot stickers and to try a new recipe for spring rolls.

Paige says she requires more pot stickers and more fried tofu as well. Wish we could share with you. Well some of you. I bet Mr. Hygiene is glad that he is not here, he does not like this type of food. He is with the boys up north this week snowmobiling in Wisconsin and will be eating burgers and pizza I am sure.


Em! said...

Look lovely and yummy! It is very colorful like Aunt Leisa's food! She always has colorful food! She would know what I am talking about! lol
You two have fun together! =)

Lisa said...

Well i wonder if you know about Collins funeral. It's Wednesday, visitation from 4-7, and a service at 7. All in the same evening. Take care,