Thursday, January 22, 2009


Do they think it is going to help when it is in the mid 20's? This guy is our neighbor a few doors down he has a lovely yard and did a nice job of tucking in his plants.

I had to laugh as I was driving Paige to school today at all the covered plants. What efforts some people made and I really hope it works for them although when it is this cold for as long as it was and is going to be again tonight I don't think some of the smaller more delicate plants have a chance.

However I will say that this guy might have a chance to save some of his fruit that is left on his trees. When I drove by while it was still a bit dark out this morning I saw colored lights under the blankets. Yep that just might add enough heat to keep the frost off of your oranges. That was a good idea.

But this guy gets the award for best effort. This is a large frame he as been building for a few weeks and now I know why. Just thought he was a little odd but I guess he really loves his plants. He had a ten or twelve of these built all over his lawn in different sizes. Gotta hand it to the guy for loving his plants that much.


Lisa said...

When my parents lived in Avon Park, my mom can remember the orange groves would run their sprinklers when it would get really cold. What is the meaning of this? She thought it would help the oranges and blossoms. Not sure.

Sarah said...

So...are you enjoying the cold?

Leisa said...

hey, it really helps, I spend the month of May doing the same thing at the garden shop in MI.
As long as the frost doesn't come into contact with the leaves or blossoms they are usually ok. I question the guy with the plastic boxes though he probably has a better chance of cooking them as soon as the sun comes out.