Thursday, January 1, 2009

Citrus Bowl ~ aka Capital One Bowl

I love that this has become a tradition here at the Prince house. Not that I love football but because of the Pre-game lunch at the Tiki lounge.

I really wish I could get better photos but I don't think about it until we leave and by then someone is leaving with us and we have to hurry. But here is a few that I took. (this sofa is leopard print)

I don't want this monkey in my house but I like it. I think some one needs to take those beads off of his hat and make him a tassel.

I don't know what it says about me that I want my house to look like this place. It is very kitsch and full of animal print... Love animal print and the sofas are leopard and some are red, love it!

I guess I should blog about the game too. I could really care less about going to the game but I do like to watch people and take photos and Mr. Hygiene loves football so I go and have a great time for him.

Father and daughter bonding...
"Paige this is so great look at where we are sitting can you believe it, seven rows for the players."
"Yep dad, we sat here last year, I remember 50 yard line... that is great... where is my book?"
No, actually Paige likes to go to the games. She likes football a little.

I love the marching band and Georgia has a great one! It is also nice that they have good school colors. Red, black and white. IT makes for good photos and they look so smart in there uniforms.

This guy who handles Uga has a great job or maybe we should call him "Uga's assistant"

Such a pretty white bulldog. I bet pearl would like to hang out with him, I bet that he thinks all these people came just to see him.

The sky cam was pretty interesting to watch. I would like to see how they control it and check that out. It is pretty cool.

Then there is the cheerleaders. I like this guy. I dont know the story behind this guy but he was pretty fun to watch. Yes it is a guy.

Yes before I go here is a photo of the game.

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