Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night I made a dbl batch of Sp.K loaf with the intentions to freeze one and bake the other for supper. Well I don't know what I was thinking when I put both pans into the oven. So I called Shelley and said I have two and you can have one. I thought Stacy could drop it off on his way to work but she said she would come over and get it. The great thing about that is she brought her crumb crunchers with her.

Mr. Davis is very handsome and a man on the go! He does have time to flash his dandy smile and bat those eyes on his way passing by.

Miss Jessa is charming, sweet little peach, very intent on doing what she wants. I had to keep re-directing her away from the plugs. I can see how wonderful these little babies are. Shelley is doing a great job I don't know how she is doing it and keeping her wits about her. She is so blessed.


shelleyjerry said...

Ah... thanks!! You take such wonderful pictures. It was so fun coming to visit the family for the evening... and getting dinner and a loaf to go to! How lucky are we?! the babies slept pretty well after being up so long and then today they took great naps!

Leisa said...

these babies are adorable!!! I want one...I would even take both!!! How was Pearly Girl with them?

Lisa said...

Babies are great!

shelleyjerry said...

thanks for the compliments... but the babies aren't up for bid! :-)