Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lights out!

Well it is that time of the year, the lights have to come down. I would like to leave them up all year round but with the sprinkler system kicking on two times a week it is hard to keep the circuit from popping when water gets in the lights. I know it should not do that but it does.

Last year when we left the house when we came back late the sprinkler system had already ran for the night and popped the circuit and it is on the same one as the garage door. Well I did not bring my house key and we could not get into the house... Long story short we learned our lesson.

Anywayyy... I am sad to see the lights down.


Lisa said...

So did you get the lights down yet? Anything new your way?
Not much here. Just been busy with 2008 paperwork.
Have a good night!

Poppy said...

Yep they are down...