Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday in the Park

What a day! I have wanted to go to a state park close to my house but for some reason we have never gotten around to it, well today Leisa, my Holiday friend and I made it a point to make it there.

We had quite the adventure that included a large unidentified creature in the swamp brush, some rustling leaves and a snake. Some running and a girlie scream as well but there was not a witness around to see so I guess we are okay.

Then after we walked the trail we were off to pick up Paige from her CPR class we decided to go to Turkey lake park for a bike ride and another adventure.

We all had a great time, Leisa got bit by an ant and Paige crashed her bike into a building. Nothing really exciting.

We stopped lake side for lunch with our little basket.

Just a few of our favorite things to eat we made it simple and tasty. All in all it was a great day.


MangoShel said...

oh no, well I certainly hope Paige is alright :) looks like you are having fun. Miss you!

Lisa said...

Something is wrong with these pictures, two pictures of Leisa she has green pants on, and two pictures she has blue jeans on. Now is there something your not telling us? ummmmmmm!!!!