Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Saturday at Turkey lake

This Saturday at Turkey lake park was a little bit different than last week. The sun was very hot and the park was full. Today was the novice regatta which starts the spring rowing season. The park was packed and the lake was busy. Stacy was Dock Master again this year with Bob. They enjoy doing this job and are good at it as well as patient with the new rowers.

Mr. Hygiene also takes it into part of his job description to be lake sanitizer living up to his well deserved name. Not a water bottle, sock or headband got past him today.

Paige was one of the race timers at the finish line. It was a long and hot day for them both. I bet they will sleep like babies tonight.

On the way home I stopped at Harry's. I have wanted to stop there for awhile now and today was the day. I met Harry he is a 93 year old man who has a beautiful plant nursery. Well kept and weed free. It reminded me of the nurseries up north that were so clean and organized. I learned more from Harry in the ten to fifteen minutes I was there than I have since I moved to Florida.

I saw a Florida Dogwood tree that I will be back for in a few weeks. Great healthy plants for a fair price. I bought this plant today. I have a different variety of it from a few years ago, smaller leave and single flowers.

This one sounds like it will have flowers like a butterfly bush I am excited to see. I will keep you updated when it blooms.


Lisa said...

That plant looks awesome, and so healthy with all the new growth coming. I can't wait to go through the greenhouses up here in the spring. It will soon be here. February is half over.

MangoShel said...

Wow a nice hot day? I wish we had a nice hot day. But its 30 outside. I like the green regatta tshirts. They are a good color. And the walkie-talkie is so official looking. And I hope Piage is feeling better. we miss you guys

Leisa said...

ok how come I didn't meet Harry when I was 93 he might not make it till next year. Oh well, I'll just have to make a earlier trip!!! Glad you finally stopped it looks like just the place to get great plants/info. Turkey Lake looks wonderful also. Go Dock Master!