Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday at the beach

We started out our day leaving the house at 6 am to take Paige to Erg Sprints in Melbourne, way too early for us all to be up but we mad the best of it. I packed our lunches and loaded up the beach chairs the night before. Leisa and I spend the day exploring then at the beach while Paige with her rowing team.

This is the second year Leisa was here during the erg sprints and we seem to have a great time in Melbourne and also driving up the shore line to Cocoa Beach and other towns along the way. We stopped here at I dream of Jeanie lane to take a photo and ended up staying to enjoy the lovely beach there.

By the looks of the trail behind this sign I don't think people can read.

The weather was nice but the small wind on the beach was a little cool so we did our quick rigging of the wind screen that we have worked on trying to prefect for two years now. This year I think we got it. We made it really simple and that seemed to work the best. I will tweak it over the next few weeks and it will be ready to go for the next windy day. Once it was up it felt nice and hot when we sat down in our chairs. It felt so gooood!!!

Then there was these guys... I have to say that I am so grateful for the steady supply of entertainment that I am given. It was really hard for me to behave. I really wanted to join in.

I ended up being good and staying in my chair. I did however have to make a few karate noises and sing the great song by Carl Douglas-Kunf Fu Fighting. I have to admit we have had this song in our music collection for years, it always leads to great laughter and conversation.

We had a great day. Wish we could have spent more time with Paige the beach would have been so much more entertaining because I know Paige would have joined in the Kung Fu and made us pass out from laughter.


Lisa said...

I would so love to be there on the beach, someday. I can't wait till our household gets better. Alex was just in ER. Floyd took her up.
Crazy ViruS!!!!

Leisa said...

it was a wonderful day, wasn't it?
thanks again for being such a wonderful hostess. I am still spouting all of our saying for it seems we pick up a few each year.
Say hi to all my holiday pet and to my littlest holiday friend hope she is on the mend.