Saturday, February 21, 2009

Canal 54

Yes it is official race season has started here at canal 54 it is nothing more than a ditch in the middle of the swamp. Life as we know it is now over and the weekends from now until the end of the school will be full of regattas and traveling to races. If you want to save yourself from endless photos of rowing and Paige with her team just stop checking out my blog until the first of June. I will however have a few photos of Mr. Hygiene from time to time like this lovely photo of him catching me taking photos of him and looking at me as if to say... What are you going to blog about now, I did not sign up to be your blogging target. Poor Stacy.

Here is a photo of Paige in the rif-raf boat. One of the rowers stared rowing last week and had only been in a boat 3 times but they thought it would be good for him to get in one race right off the bat.

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Leisa said...

Oh, but she lends such an element of style to the rif-raf bunch.
And she is oh so soft!