Thursday, February 26, 2009

Piece of Pie

The one thing I loved about having my friend Leisa come and stay for awhile is the time we spend in the kitchen cooking great food or I should say, I prep the ingredients so Leisa can make great food. I do believe next to my Aunt Sandy she is the best cook I know. I could say she is a better cook than my Aunt Sandy if it was not for the German chocolate cake that qualifies my Aunt for the all time best cook in the world award.

While Leisa was here she made the best pizza I have ever had, yep it is true, sorry Sam & Louie's you have been demoted. She made jim lahey’s potato pizza, I know that sounds odd I was very skeptical but open minded and willing to try something different because I have never had anything that was not excellent that came from her kitchen. This recipe came from and you can find it here. It is a wonderful food blog that is worth checking out. Leisa put her spin on the recipe and has found a way to make it just a little better than the original recipe with the addition of mushrooms and goat cheese but I would have expected nothing less of her.

I tried my best tonight to make it because I loved it so much and I did a good first time job. Stacy even thought it was good. I think I will make it a regular thing here and maybe even start a Friday night tradition. We will see.


Alex said...

I've had Potatoe Pizza, we have a Pizza Luce' in Duluth, MN and they make the best pizza's, we don't eat there too often, but it's a treat when we do. We always order something different, just to try.. Your pizza sure looks good, this weekend we will have pizza at least one night! Have a good weekend

Lisa said...

Sorry, Alex was signed in.

Leisa said...

hey, I am glad you liked it so much. It dulls the memory of Lake PP Park just a tad, knowing you enjoyed the pizza.