Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tape, Tape and more Tape

We finally had a few down minutes where we felt like being productive. We wanted to add stripes or something to the walls of Paige's room but have put it off for a few months. Well I started to tape then thought Paige might think it was fun, I really worked hard at selling it as a fun thing to do and it worked. I got her to do most of the taping.

Then Stacy got home and it became a whole family project.

Even Crusty got involved. Well at least we got her tail involved with the taping part.

We got it done fast not much to paint really. The bad thing was the tape did not stick well and we had a lot of paint bleeding under the tape onto the wall where we did not want it. We were puzzled because we have done this before with great results. Oh well, I guess we will touch it up and call it a day...or leave it and call it rustic.

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