Monday, January 7, 2008

Driving on water ~ Diving in water

Here are some interesting photos my sister in law Lisa took. They had an exciting day watching a truck getting pulled out of the lake by their house.

It took over 4 hours for them to remove the truck and 30 guys to stand around and watch. What else is their to do on a Sunday afternoon in Upper Wisconsin. Gosh I miss it.

We lived on a lake growing up and it was fun to see what people would do when the lake froze over. We had the guy who would ski behind a car. Then our neighbors Ice house would get hit once or twice a winter. You always had some drunk guys driving around and getting stuck in a snow drift on the ice. And two kids that drove their motorcycles across the lake to see their cousin. Hmmm who would that be?


Lisa & Family said...

Hey there,
Can you believe someone was even stupid enough to drive on a lake? I don't think the insurance company was too happy either.
Have a good day!!! Love ya,

Lisa & Family said...

Guess How much it cost to get it out? $35,000.00. Wow, i think i would've left it in the lake, the truck isn't worth that much. $1,500 per hour.