Saturday, January 19, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

We went to a RV show this weekend and Stacy gave in and stopped at Parksdale Farm. The line was very long but moved very fast, I am glad that Heidi told me that because Stacy saw the line and wanted to leave. The ladies taking the orders make sure the line moved quickly by yelling: "Next in line." "Do you know what you want?" "Next in line." The strawberry shortcake was great but the kitsch of the place was even better. I wish I had gotten a photo of the 95 year old lady doing the books in the office using a pencil and a ledger, no computer here, this place was old school.

The line was this long when we got there and still this long when we left.

I know he is thinking.."Don't look at her and maybe she will put the camera down...I am not sitting on that Strawberry throne..I don't care what she says I am not going to be the Strawberry Prince...Why did I get her that camera? Why?"

I don't know why Stacy would not sit on the throne and wear a crown. He would not make eye contact with me when he saw the throne. Poor guy I ask so much of him.

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Lisa & Family said...

Wow, it's that time of season down there. It's -10 here!!! I can remember when i lived down there, we had strawberry festival, and the Oak Ridge Boys were performing. Wupp-Peee!!! It was alot of fun, and lots of people. The Strawberry's look so yummy... We have to wait till June to get strawberry's up here!