Saturday, January 5, 2008


Stacy and Paige had a project today. A new chandelier from IKEA to add light to Paige's room. It always has been a dark room, there is not an overhead light in the center of the room like the rest of the house. I wanted to get this for her before christmas but it was sold out every time I went. For $17.00 I can understand why. Stacy was complaining that we were just going to hang it without finding the stud to hang it from. Paige is reacting in this photo from his ranting.


Lisa & Family said...

I love it, i love thier web site, so really cool things.
Good morning, and have a good day!
It's 38 degrees this morning, and the snow is melting. Yuck!

Shelby said...

Looks cute! I like the stripes. Good colors. I understand the bad lighting issue. We miss you guys!