Sunday, January 20, 2008


The RV show has been on the top of Stacy's list for awhile, we finally made it there this weekend. I really don't see a need to go I already know what I want and it seems pointless to look at everything else when you should get the best designed camper out there, and besides that it is cute!

It is so inviting.

"Why did I let her go into that Airstream?"  "Now, I won't be able to get a manly camper."  "Yes dear, I know its cute."

"There is not enough room, where would I put my big screen TV?"

I knew he would like this one.  Look he gave me the thumbs up.  Not Cute!


MangoShel said...

Oh I like the airstream ones! Yeah that last one is um... not so cute. haha. Miss you guys.

Lisa & Family said...

Are you looking at getting a camper? That looks like alot of fun. I would love to get one in about 10 years, and do alot of traveling.

KC Tom said...

Sheri says a cute old camper would convert her into an enthusiastic RVer. Translation: "Buy me an old RV I can fill with vintage cushions, curtains, towels, pictures, plates, and silverware. I will set it all up in the driveway to be the cutest vintage trailer in history, and will take pictures of it to send to Jill and Rhonda and my Mom. What, you actually want to go camping in that thing? Out in the woods? Where it's dirty? Where it's too hot, too cold, and the bugs are crawlin' all over me? Where I have to cook in a tiny kitchen with no hot water? Where I have to walk outside to go to the bathroom? What, are you nuts?!?"

My aunt and uncle out East recently restored a little Airstream from the 60s--Of course, they're retired and have the extra time and $$$ required for such a money pit. It sounds like a fun project, but if I tried to restore one of these it might be done by the time the grandkids come along.

Feed your dreams, though! Here's a Kansas guy who buys, restores, and sells old Airstreams: