Monday, January 28, 2008

Here comes the sun

The sun is shinning here and it is about time. One thing that I love about Florida is the sunshine. It has been missing for a few days and it is back. The nice warm rays heating us up feels so good. We have had a cool spell and the heat from the sun is welcome... at least for now. (Did I say I love something about Florida? Wow!)

****also...for those of you who call from time to time the screen on my cell phone is broken and I can not see who called or get my messages so don't think I am not calling you back because I don't like you. I can't tell you called or get your messages.


MangoShel said...

Oh I thought you didn't like me and that's why you never call me back. JK. I wish we had some sunshine. We actually had a very nice day today, I think it got up to about 65 or something. But it supposed to get really cold tomorrow. Like somewhere it was 55 today and now tonight its 4. I hate Kansas weather. miss you guys

Lisa & Family said...

Northern Wisconsin Weather:
Today the schools were closed because of bad weather, we have -10 temperature now, and wind chill -31, if it's like this in the morning, we won't have school tomorrow either.