Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tulip the good kitty

I love it when Tulip curls up into her little furry ball.

She gave me the look when I awoke her from her blissful dream.

Every time I take a photo that has this couch in the back ground I am reminded of the yards and yards of fabric that is sitting in the hall closet. I have such good intentions.

I remember when I was in grade school we had "Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan Your Story Hour" tapes we could listen to when we had a break or time to burn. I think one of the stories was titled "Good intentions are not enough." Funny I don't think I could tell you too many more titles from the selection of cassettes. Hmmm? I think I knew way back then that story was for me.

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Lisa & Family said...

Wow, i sure wish i was a cat sometimes. We've been very busy. And the weather is starting to shape up, in the 30's & 40's finially. Although it's now snowing!!! You just never know what its going to do in March here in "Wisconsin".