Monday, March 10, 2008

Sheri Berry's "Kitsch n Mixer"

Oh the delight of doing a search on and finding something my friend Sheri Seibold has in production. I am so excited to see this on the web and for sale. has a few of her items listed on their web site. We knew they were coming out sometime soon but I had no idea that I could see them and buy them now.

Here is a close up of the clever design. Looks like flowers from a distance but Sheri used repeating kitchen utensils to create an interesting flower pattern. I love the color combinations however they do not show their true colors on the computer screen.

Perfect keepsake or gift! Preserve photos or heirloom recipe cards and record family specialties, preparation tips and recollections of special meals shared.
Cover size 9 3/8" x 9 3/8"
Die-cut window
Padded cover
60 recipe journal pages
8 pocket dividers
8 magnetic photo pages
8 splash guard sheets

These should be making their appearance soon in other well known stores close to you. I will keep us all updated!

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MangoShel said...

That is so cute, now who in the world did that? Oh yeah, that'd be my MOM. :D She's pretty amazing huh? I liked you close-up on Amazon. :D ttyl